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J.Pinder - "Never No" Feat Dice

Never No is the first single off of J. Pinder's upcoming full length Careless and it's a banger. Pounding ahead at full throttle, interwoven with soul, sonic depth and serious bounce, the Pinder / Martin Feveyear / Kuddie Fresh produced Never No is the quintessential lead off track.

The track begins with a tip of the hat to Marvin Gayes classic "What's Going On". Featured backing vocalists Dice, Choklate, Tiffany Wilson, Zach Bruce, Blakk Soul and Pinder playfully work up the hook. Then, the first sliced organ notes of the Kuddie Fresh produced beat drops evoking nods from even the most cynical of heads. A thumping bass line and a swinging snare take it up another level. Regal trombones ring in and Pinder addresses the mic. J.'s always confident voice speaks to the hip hop industry itself with thoughtful insight and clear vision, "It's a shame what a little fame will do to you / Turn a revolutionary to politics as usual" and soon Pinder and Dice deliver the chorus over a sweeping bed of synths, syncopated guitar hits and bumping beat. After Pinder?s poetic, and at times, frenetic travels through the fame machine we are gently led out by a winding PCM synth line and swirl of intoxicating harmonies courtesy of the crew of talented guests.
Never No is an incredibly strong lead off single and it is a harbinger of what this young artist has in store for music fans. It is intelligent and musical and unique. For anyone questioning whether Seattle has an artist ready to break on a national level Pinder brings the answer with this spectacular cut: Always yes, Never No.

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